Omar Obeid

Founder | Partner

Shop B, 322 Pennant Hills Road
Carlingford NSW 2118

P: 0410 574 773


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I would like to briefly share with you why Ausrealty exists. Before I begin, and for the purpose of clarity, whether Ausrealty was a trades company or retail store, the same values and vision would apply.
Our business: To inspire the individual to be the best they can be through our guiding principles. The result will be inspirational. Our people will influence those that they come into contact with.
Our job: Happens to be that we list, sell and manage property.

When I was younger, I saw and witnessed people inhibit other people’s potential, through words, action or even by accident. I remember at 13 years old my father sold his house and had a most unpleasant experience, I remember sitting in the dining room as his agent berated him to take an offer that was on the table, my father bent to the pressure and accepted, I still remember the sadness on my father’s face after the property had sold. He still to this day, almost 20-years later, feels let down by the way his agent treated him, this behavior is not only prevalent in the real estate industry but also in other service based industries. Joining the real estate industry, I observed that a real estate agent has a massive influence on probably the biggest decision a person can make. How could we make the process more enjoyable for the client? How could we use our interaction to leave that person better than we found them? What type of character traits should a person have in a service based industry? What belief system should they have?

I had a vision of a company that could inspire the individual to be the best they can be. This has been my life’s work. The result of this, I believe will create incredible outcomes that stretch far beyond products and services. We believe in inspiring the individual to be the best they can be. The individual will then inspire others through their work, results, character and philosophy. We encourage growth with our people, and support them in any way we can to help them fulfil their potential, not only at work but we hope to help them become better people. We have a big responsibility to ensure that we leave any community we work in, better than we found it. One day, just a glimpse of our logo will inspire the individual. For that to happen we have to create an environment where exceptional is the norm, constantly bettering ourselves (better today than yesterday). World class service, phenomenal results and the like, come from the essence of a human being that pushes themselves to be better constantly – We are our own competition, always looking for better ways of doing things. To care about another you must care about your own standards first – the best you, will provide others with an incredible experience. Changing paradigms and seeking to understand constantly. Ultimately we believe service to others is the rent you pay to live on earth. We have a need to contribute beyond our needs.
The vision is large. A burning desire and belief underpin it. We are humbled and delighted to have you on board.
It all starts with belief.