You work hard to buy investments so that your life and your families future financial lives are safe and secure. An Investment is there to improve your life and there are key areas to focus on that can make that happen.

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Finding a tenant is the easy part, it is what happens after that maximises your return. Our key components criteria will ensure the best tenant is suitable for your property, it is not only the rent amount that’s important it’s ensuring that the tenants will love your property and care for it as their own.


All on your app, you will be able to access repair tasks live anytime. Every maintenance request received, will be reviewed by our repairs and maintenance team to determine the cause. The right tradesperson with the most accurate repair solution will be recommended. It’s about determining if the repair actually needs attending to or getting to the repair early and saving costs before the repair gets worse and assessing it closely so not a dollar is spent unnecessarily. Our investor app allows you to follow the repair from lodgement to completion with updates and photos. The wrong process here will affect your return.


Connecting to the tenant and property regularly, creates a great relationship and also ensures we are across the property frequently. All inspections will include photos, video and report. During the inspection, our team will carefully assess the state of the property, including any potential damages. Re-inspections will be done if the property is not in satisfactory condition. Our investor app will have access to all inspections conducted at any time. With a video sent of the property as it happens.


Missing a rent review becomes costly over time, this is another area that inhibits your return. A minimum of 90 days prior to the lease expiry our lease renewal team will review the current rent to market rent, review the investment performance and make suggestions on possible rent increases and extended lease terms.


Our investor app eliminates the need for trust accounts, meaning, you will receive your rent instantly once the tenant has paid or whenever you want it scheduled to hit your account. There are no delays during holidays due to office closures, whilst people are away, direct debit will still be in operation and rental funds will be received as normal transactions.


Detailed ingoing and outgoing inspection will be conducted to ensure the property is left in the same condition received. Pre-inspections and pre-booked outgoing inspections with the tenant to ensure if there are any discrepancies, to be handled immediately. To minimise vacancies and quick turnaround times for new tenants moving into the property.


Up to date valuation estimates of your property

As an investor knowing the value of your investment and its growth may help you make better decisions around financing options and trigger you to speak to your financial representative knowing the growth of your property is a powerful way to determine how your net growth is tracking. We send these out every 6 months.

Power to decide

Up to date valuation estimates of your property

It’s not about collecting rent that’s the easy part, it’s about maximising the return on your asset. Managing all the moving parts of an investment requires a high level of detail. Having one person making a decision across every part of your investment can lead to mistakes and mistakes in the lifetime of an investment become costly. We have a “train system”, where each part of the management experience is handled by a specialist. So your investment manager has more time to oversee your investment and structure the best advice. Having an incredible experience, one that creates certainty, is where we put our focus.

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